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David is a psychologist and educationalist and a leading expert on dealing with ambiguity, uncertainty and developing emotion regulation. David lectures at many universities including the University of Oxford, Cardiff, Liverpool, York and 13 others. Previously he was in the Army serving much of that time in Northern Ireland in the late 70’s and a senior police officer where he was Director of Studies for National Police Training.

David is the founder and editor of The Oxford Review, a service that translates the findings of academic research around the issues leaders, people and organisations are dealing with into accessible insights for practitioners.


Dr. David Wilkinson
EPISODE #07 The Human Advantage

Taking a deeper dive into where we rely on the uniqueness of our brains and not on tech. as we move further into the next industrial revolution 5.0 (2020 to present).

Editor-in-Chief Oxford Review
Leanne is a highly sought-after coach, advisor and organisational communication expert with a unique brain-based focus on helping leaders build a safe, respectful, high-performance workplace culture.

Leanne blends the academic and applied disciplines of organisational development and communication --at the intersection of which she brings communication neuroscience to cultivate workplaces in which every individual experiences safety, respect, inclusion and belonging. Through her doctoral research in applied neuroscience Leanne is developing a world-first science-based taxonomy of workplace threat behaviour.


Leanne Drew-McKain
EPISODE #08 #09 What is Psycho-Social
& Why Does it Matter?

In this 2-parter, we explore the importance of environmental climates and their profound impact on creativity, innovation, ideation, and critical thinking. Discover how the spaces around us and the cultures we work within can influence our minds and drive groundbreaking ideas and solutions.

Chief Executive National Psychosocial Safety Network, Australia
As the Managing Director of a multiple award-winning UK-based Campaign Top 50 Agency with EMEA representation and global appointments, Mirium holds a wealth of expertise in leading high-impact marketing campaigns and innovative strategies. She is deeply passionate about culture and its influence on consumer behavior. As the author of the IPA Effectiveness Award paper "The Power of Love," featured in "Fill and Fill, Marketing Communications," Mirium has contributed significantly to industry thought leadership.
She serves as a mentor, board advisor, and a dedicated advocate for diversity and inclusion and a huge advocate of the creative industry.


Mirium Boote
EPISODE #11 #12 The Human Self
Delving into why the self is so important. Join us as we explore the power of self-awareness and perceptions, the role of self-belief in breaking through glass ceilings, and how mindset shapes our personal and professional success.
Managing Director at Designate

IPA Council Member MIPA Mentor