About us

Soraya Shaw, MSc, BrainShaw® is an Applied Organisational Neuroscientist specialising in crafting neuro-informed workplace practices for organisations. She leverages the latest neuroscience research to harness the natural functioning of people's brains and neuroplasticity to create a learning experience culture that differentiates businesses in our rapidly evolving digital landscape.

About Brainy Podcasts

Welcome to BRAINY PODCASTS the brainchild of Soraya Shaw & Tracy Filler. Soraya and Tracy are connected by their passion for understanding what makes people tick, or as Ruby Wax describes it what’s going on with our ‘mother ship’?

So, what’s got them all hot under the collar enough to join the saturated podcast world? Well, quite simply the conversations they’ve been having with each other and those around them, they thought “if we find this fascinating, perhaps we are not alone and these discussions need to be heard”.

This podcast series explores the wider context of creativity and innovation; What is it? Who has it? Why that matters? How it will impact our futures. We’ll be joined by inquisitive, creative minds from different walks of life to those who need convincing they fit this description at all.

Whatever your understanding or view, these podcasts will help you navigate your own thoughts on the subject and give you enough fuel to light your imagination and take action, whatever you do in life.

As a renowned Applied Neuroscientist, Soraya will be cementing your understanding with the latest scientific evidence of what’s happening in our brain when we come up with new ideas, new ways of working or solving a problem and how to have more of them.

Tracy Filler is an ILM, Level 7 Executive Coach & Mentor, working with applied neuroscience & life Wisdom to support her clients through their personal and professional development. For nearly two decades, she has worked with leaders and their teams to bring effective strategy and results, through improved confidence and capability.