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#07 The Human Advantage

Taking a deeper dive into where we rely on the uniqueness of our brains and not on tech. as we move further into the next industrial revolution 5.0 (2020 to present)

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Welcome to Season 2 of Brainy Podcasts!

We are delighted to bring you the latest season of Brainy Podcasts, ready to hit your airwaves now!

In this season, we've delved deeper into human exploration and expanded our understanding of harnessing creativity, innovation, curiosity, and the art of asking the right questions.

We've applied these insights to ourselves, enhancing our critical thinking helping us to pioneer new strategies. Our purpose is to inspire you as the individual, teams to achieve their business ambitions and unlock full growth potential for organisations.

As we’ve discussed with many of our guests, while AI and tech excel in information, our human advantage lies in wisdom. Maintaining brain health, embracing our humanity, and valuing neurodiversity are crucial for extending our thinking and developing impactful ideas, alongside the remarkable advancements AI and tech offer.

We've engaged with fascinating guests who bring a wealth of knowledge on our human advantage. Topics include the future of AI, psychosocial safety's impact on critical thinking, CEOs embracing neurodiversity, menopause, education, leadership and management, organisational structure, processes, and culture. Our guests are specialists and pioneers in their fields and we’ve had great fun talking to them.

Join us on this journey to demystify, learn, and simplify our abilities to be imaginative and think critically, enabling you and your organisation to thrive as a way of life, not just a trend.

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We now know we are definitely helping shape creative and innovative minds!

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