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Ian is a designer, creative writer and energetic visionary, who has accumulated over 30 years experience from a multifaceted and diverse career path in fashion design, global fundraising, premium event management and consultancy in wellbeing and lifestyle practices.

He is now the Founder, Creative Director and (self proclaimed) Wellbeing Warrior at Running with the Idea.

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EPISODE ONE What is Creativity?

Exploring how creativity shows up. How do we define it and how do you express it in your work?

Karl is a Wine Merchant who also runs The Sussex Directors Hub and is Co-founder of the Business Leaders Wine Club. He's also a VoiceOver Artist!

An experienced Director with a demonstrated history of working in the wine and spirits industry. Skilled in Sales, Event Management, Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Wine, and Presentations.

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LI Business Leader Wine Club

EPISODE TWO Who is Creative?

Beyond artists and authors. Is it a myth that everyone can be creative?

Ross is Chief Learning Strategist @ Steal These Thoughts! Sharing the best L&D insights, tools and templates to become a smarter L&D Pro.

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EPISODE THREE Do Humans Excel over AI?

How is AI and other technical advancements impacting human creativity? Why is creativity and innovation so important for the future?

Emer is a visual facilitator, trainer and coach who gets people to feel excited and motivated to boost their own creativity and tap into the things that give them joy and energy, without the guilt.

She is also co-creator of the podcast Dear Phone, It’s Not Me. Available on Spotify Audible

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EPISODE FOUR When are Humans at their Best?

What sparks the brain into creativity? Helping you understand your brain and when to let those creative juices flow!

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EPISODE FIVE What Blocks our Creativity?

Discussing the impact of stress, time pressures and limiting beliefs on our creativity and innovation potential

Carlene is founder and CEO of Cloud9 Insight a business that supports SMEs to implement Microsoft Cloud technology to scale their businesses.

She is a frequent speaker and contributor with BBC, in particular as a special guest on BBC Radio 5 Wake up to Money programme.

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EPISODE SIX What Makes a Positive Creative Environment?

In our last episode of this series, we are going to explore what makes a conducive environment to create and innovate.