Welcome to Brainy Podcasts. Together, we will demystify creativity & innovation through the everyday 'know how' of our guests and the lens of applied neuroscience.



Episode One

EPISODE ONE What is Creativity?

Exploring how creativity shows up. How do we define it and how do you express it in your work?

Episode Two

EPISODE TWO Who is Creative?

Beyond artists and authors. Is it a myth that everyone can be creative?

Episode Three

EPISODE THREE Do Humans Excel over AI?

How is AI and other technical advancements impacting human creativity? Why is creativity and innovation so important for the future?

Episode Four

EPISODE FOUR When are Humans at their Best?

What sparks the brain into creativity? Helping you understand your brain and when to let those creative juices flow!

Episode Five

EPISODE FIVE What Blocks our Creativity?

Discussing the impact of stress, time pressures and limiting beliefs on our creativity and innovation potential

Episode Six

EPISODE SIX What Makes a Positive Creative Environment?

In our last episode of this series, we are going to explore what makes a conducive environment to create and innovate.