Neurodiversity; all in the Brain

The Importance of Breaks and Rest

Soraya Shaw

10/23/20231 min read

Want to know my guilty pleasure, which happens to be good for the brain?

Here we go...

I enjoy a 20-minute quick shut-eye after lunch! It's bliss. I've noticed that in times when I don't and just keep on going, I quickly become grumpy and forgetful.

And here's the best part, a NASA study, and they know a thing or two, saw pilots improve their performance by 34% and alertness by 54% after a 10-20 minute nap.

Impact of Naps

Recent studies also show that the benefits of a 10-20 minute nap include increased alertness & creativity, better memory consolidation, stress reduction, improved processing of new information and happier moods, to say nothing of reinforcing a champion mindset! Plus, a nap doesn't affect your quality of night's sleep.

So What?”

Napping it turns out is one of the essential tools for our well-being and health, with a range of brain & physical benefits. Imagine if within your well-being programme and tapping into the human intelligence of your team, you create a company-wide napping habit wherever people are working from, making it one your business rituals? After all we know that performance and engagement increases with a 4 day week so why not try adding a nap to the culture!